Quinn Rosé 1.5L Magnum

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A Taste of the Côte d’Azur in 1.5L Magnum bottles:

Classic rosé. Just the way it should be. Made in the south of France.
Dry, light and refreshing and perfect in the company of gentlemen, rogues, ladies
and characters. Sunshine optional.


GRAPE VARIETALS: Classic Provence rosé blend of Grenache (30%), Carignan (25%), Cinsault (10%), Caladoc (15%), Cabernet (10%), Merlot (10%)

CHARACTERISTICS: Quinn Rosé is a rosé wine made in Provence, France in the Var region where they have been making rosé for 1,000 years. The wine is a pale pink color with the luminescence of the sea. On the nose the aromatic profile reveals itself through a floral aroma accompanied by notes of white peach and melon with hints of grapefruit on a balanced mineral backbone. The sip is refreshingly light and dry, with well balanced acid and a delicate richness of mouth feel. A medium finish leaving you thirsty for more.

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRINGS: Lighter pastas featuring seafood or vegetable sauces, white meats such as roasted chicken, fish, pizza. Anything mediterranean in origin, including grilled meats.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Chilled lightly to 55 F

ALCOHOL: 12.5% vol